Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Madonna: Now I'm a director

Despite the, uh, cool reaction to Filth and Wisdom, Madonna has decided that she is a direc-tor rather than a actress:

[N]ow I've tasted directing. It's like Eve and the apple, I have to have a second bite. If you're an actress, it's not your vision.

"The director tells the story, you are the chess piece that is moved around. That doesn't suit my personality."

Eve's second bite of the apple? Wasn't the point that she persuaded Adam to take a bite? And wasn't eating the apple kind of a bad thing anyway, what with how it lead to expulsion from paradise for all humankind. Did she never pay attention in church?

If Madonna didn't really feel comfortable acting - and, clearly, she didn't - then how come she kept making such bloody awful films?


Anonymous said...

"The director tells the story, you are the chess piece that is moved around. That doesn't suit my personality."

Perhaps we have been harsh on her acting all these years. If she saw her role as that of a "chess piece" then that explains why she was so shite in all those films. She didn't realise what "acting" is.

I guess acting doesn't fit her shop-bought "personality". I mean it's pretty hard for an actor to steal whatever style they think is trendy at a given time and sell it as their own.

Anonymous said...

I think in this case it would be better for her to take a second bite of the apple, than to pass it back to Adam.

M.C. Glammer said...

I bet she's a crap chess player, too.

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