Tuesday, June 24, 2008

McFly album: Now on a par with a catalogue of deck shoes

We could see the free Prince album giveaway - clearly, nobody much was going to pay for a Prince album, but might have been just curious enough to take a free copy with the Mail On Sunday.

But now, the Mail has done a deal to give away a free McFly album:

Tom Fletcher told the BBC: "We get to put [the album] into almost three million homes, which is an incredible opportunity for us. Hopefully the three million people will all enjoy the music and they'll decide to see us when we go on tour."

It's a lovely dream; we do like to picture three million people turning up eager to see McFly, like some sort of Jarrow March.

But we'd not picture there being much of a crossover between the McFly target audience (if such a thing still exists) and the sort of people who take the Mail On Sunday, and really the exciting opportunity is to put three million discs straight into landfill. At least if they did the giveaway through the Observer, the readers would recycle them.