Thursday, June 12, 2008

SeeTickets hail failed Glastonbury ticket process as success

The permanent revolution of joy that is the Glastonbury PR machine has hailed yet another victory, with SeeTickets placing a spun story to Gigwise hailing a "70% increase" in ticket sales, week-on-week, for the festival:

Martin Fitzgerald, the general manager of Seetickets, the festivals official ticket agency, told Gigwise that the renewed “buzz and excitement” was inevitable.

“People realise that they don’t want to be watching it on TV, wishing they were there, they actually want to be there and experience the festival in all it’s glory,” Fitzgerald said.

“A lot of people were telling us that they were desperate to go but just couldn’t afford it at the moment. Being allowed to book by Credit Card has certainly helped some people.”

Interestingly, Fitzgerald doesn't reveal how many tickets he's actually talking about - it could be last week they sold ten, and this week they've sold seventeen; if they were selling tickets in their hundreds last week then the situation was worse than anyone had imagined.

Still, it's amusing to watch a company responsible for flogging tickets for a festival with a recent tradition of selling out in hours trumpeting that they've still got loads to sell a few days before the event. Victory, comrades, it's all victory.