Sunday, June 08, 2008

You've seen the last of us: Warners pulls off Last FM

Last FM's rather useful free streaming music service has undergone a bit of a stutter, as Warners has just pulled its catalogue off the service.

Silicon Valley Insider is making the probably-quite-safe-bet that Warners is trying to demand a greater slice of the Last pie - it points out Warner has taken a slice of equity in both MySpace and Imeem as part of the agreements to allow their stuff to be streamed.

It's interesting to see that Warners would rather hide its tracks from a monthly audience of twenty million plus in return for a tiny portion of a cent; the gamble is that if people can't find Into The Groove on LastFM, they'll try for it somewhere else. Rather than choose to listen to something else instead. They might think pulling the catalogue is going to force Last FM's hand; Last FM will probably react like parents faced with kids who refuse to move: "okay, you sit there, I'm carrying on without you. Goodbye..."

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