Sunday, July 13, 2008

Another go for Gomez

Gomez are gathering in Manchester in September to play Bring It On all the way through, to mark ten years since they were thought of as the next big thing ("ten years since the album's Mercury Prize victory").


gibbo said...

Your sneering commentary is very funny, some of the time. However, as I've said before, you should maybe stick to easy popculture targets, such as GitM.

The higher end of popular artforms is beyond you; witness your weak attack upon one of the most globally successful, long-lived and creative bands to be born by Britain in the 90s.

When it suits you (that is, when discussing a commercially unsuccessful band which your friends have told you is pretty cool), shifting big units is actually a hindrance to cfredibility. Now, it seems you are saying there is no other measure of success.

simon h b said...


You make the dangerous assumption that I have any friends.

Seriously: The predictions made for Gomez a decade ago weren't of the "you'll see, their fifth studio album will barely scrape into the top 75" sort, were they?

duckie said...

Blimey, Gomez fans are sensitive souls. The "attack" was pretty clearly on the nature of the press that was generated, not the quality of the band. I blame the Mercury prize, it's killed more potentially glittering careers than a wheelbarrow-full of charlie farley.

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