Sunday, July 13, 2008

Debbie Harry's embryo face

We love Debbie Harry - even when she tried to insist on being called Deborah Harry, we still loved her. The only thing is...

"I had these cells injected in to me in my early thirties," Debbie reveals. "I read that the famous heart surgeon Christian Barnard was involved in a Swiss clinic researching fresh cell replacement.

"I went along to Switzerland to have a course of 11 injections, from the embryos of black sheep.

"They would take from the liver, glands, bone and whatever and make up these injections.

"It turned out that I was the youngest person to ever have the treatment. Whether that treatment lasted this long, I don't know. But I feel great."

... we don't think we'll kiss her on the cheek, thank you.

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Laura Brown said...

Given that black wool in sheep is a recessive trait (only appearing occasionally in a flock of otherwise white sheep), and that its genetic basis was only identified by scientists a few weeks ago, how could they have known that these were "the embryos of black sheep"? Unless she means "embryos taken from black sheep mothers". Quite frankly, it would pang my conscience to know that much detail about a creature if I were about to have her unborn child ripped from her womb for a Bathoryesque beauty ritual.

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