Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Folkobit: Artie Traum

Artie Traum, a key player in the New York Folk scene of the 1960s, has died.

Traum formed a Woodstock-based duo with his brother, the spectacularly named Happy Traum. Represented by Albert Grossman, whose stable also included Peter Paul And Mary. A trio of successful albums followed, before the brothers went their separate musical ways in 1977. They continued to work together, however, presenting a radio show together before reuniting on record in 1994.

During the 1970s and 80s, Artie was a key member and producer for the Woodstock Mountains Revue, a loose grouping of upstate New Yorkers; in the late 90s he reworked his style radically and released a jazz album.

He is survived by his wife, Beverly, and his brother. It's believed his death was caused by lung cancer.

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Edward Renehan said...

Artie was one of the world's finest guitarist and - more importantly - an exceptional human being. He will be missed.

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