Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Furtado fracas

Whoever would have thought that a Nelly Furtado concert, of all things, would descend into riotous behaviour?

Playing Moscow on Sunday, Nelly had invited rapper Timati to join her on stage for a bit of a sing song. Trouble is, it seems that not everyone is a fan:

An unnamed venue official says, "We learned at the last moment he was going to perform with Furtado.

"I gave the order not to let him on stage."

That, presumably, is the Moscow way of doing things - who knows how many ill-advised collaborations would have been avoided had some jumped-up clipboard guy had just said "no". We'd not have had that Britney-Madonna kiss, for a start.

Anyway, as Timati had been invited onstage, he didn't see why he should not be allowed to do so. Security had been told to not let him on. Immovable force. Desperation to share the stage with Furtado shaped irresistible object. Result? A twenty-man brawl and Timati losing a tooth.

It's not known if Furtado pitched in during the fight, but we like to think she might have thrown a shoe or something. Yes, let's say that, shall we? She threw a shoe.


James said...

Just out of interest, how would one pronounce 'Timati'? Is the emphasis on the 'Tim', as in 'Timotei', the shampoo popular in the 1980s with blonde women who rode horses and washed their hair in conveniently-located barrels of fresh water? Or is it 'Ti-MA-ti', similar to the way Gusgus the mouse from Cinderella would pronounce 'Tomato'?

To be honest, I'm only really asking so I can show off my memory of 1980s shampoo adverts. Can't remember my own mum's birthday, but the adverts are clear as a bell.

Want me to sing the Colgate Blue Minty Gel song?

duckie said...

Yes please.

TechnoLogic said...

Wasn't the Colgate Blue Minty Gel song to the tune of 'House of Fun'...?

Anonymous said...

Timotei is a common Russian name; a variation of English Timothy, I believe. I've no idea, though. Never heard of the dude before...

James said...

*clears throat*

That was the 80s, of course. These days, you wouldn't catch Suggs flogging off classic Madness tracks for the purposes of ropey advertising campaigns...

duckie said...

Marvellous. I see one of our colonial cousin commenters has added, "all the guys in there look like they are gay". Tut, they grow up so fast.

James said...

Innit? The Youtube comments box is a dark and scary place.

I'd forgotten how faithful that advert was to the Madness videos, to be honest. To the point where I was a bit disappointed when the saxophonist didn't fly.

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