Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Gennaro Castaldo Watch: Abba are popular

Mama Mia! It's the summer hit of the summer, and trailing in the wake of My Big Fat Muriel's Wedding come Abba songs, trickling into the lower reaches of the charts. And if something not-especially-unusual happens - even down the bottom of the single charts - Gennaro Castaldo has an opinion to share:

"Abba are one of HMV's consistent best-selling artists, up there with the likes of the Beatles and Elvis, and it doesn't take much to spark a bit of an Abba revival - let's face it, most of us would pick them as our 'guilty pleasure'.

"Right now, their sales are rocketing again thanks to the huge exposure being given to their music by the success of the Mamma Mia film.

"Amazingly, Abba Gold is back in our top 10, while the cast recording soundtrack to Mamma Mia itself could easily end up as our biggest-selling album this week.

"Further evidence of the band's enduring appeal comes in the form of the singles charts, which show the likes of Dancing Queen, The Winner Takes It All, Gimme, Gimme, Gimme and Mamma Mia all threatening to re-enter the official UK top 100 on the strength of downloads alone."

We're struggling to understand how a consistent selling act's best-of collection selling strongly during a period of attention on them is then described as "amazing". And if "most" people would chose them as a guilty pleasure, what is there to be guilty about, exactly?


Olive said...

'Guilty pleasure'. Jesus. People who use that phrase with regard to Abba tend to be the same sort of fuckers who'll watch a film because 'it's so bad it's good'.

Spence said...

They wouldn't be my pleasure, guilty or otherwise, even if someone put a nailgun to my head.

Anonymous said...

I know that liking Abba is a guilty please for some, but not for me. My guilty pleasure is fucking farm animals whilst carving swastikas into their backs.

Anonymous said...

"Guilty pleasure"?!?

That's why the cinemas of the country have, since the movie was released, become infested with people in long coats trying to hide their identity.

Gosh I hate that phrase. (I agree with Olive's "It's so bad it's good" comment) It seems to me to be simply another way of saying "I'm not quite sure how you are going to react to my telling you that I like this pop song so I am going to say something that I can instantly take back with a grunt and a quick change of subject. I do this because I couldn't bare to be seen not liking something which is not 'cool' to you."

Anonymous said...

arrrgh...even reading it in print,now i have"dancing queen"stuck in my head....thanks for that...lol

Anonymous said...

Hey, just thought I'd let you know that to celebrate the release of Mamma Mia, global polling community Poll the People have launched a poll to find the definitive BEST ABBA SONG!
have your say now - http://www.pollthepeople.com

duckie said...

@latest anonymous

Sorry to rain on your marketing parade, but there is no such thing as a definitive best song, by Abba or anyone else. There is merely "the one a bunch of random people voted for". Did you also know that the best-selling record is also not the best record? I know, it's a confusing concept. Doesn't your life feel empty and pointless pushing empty and pointless surveys?

Anonymous said...

hey it's just a bit of fun and the record company will probably use it for marketting so it's good if people vote! dancing queen is the clear winner atm...

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