Thursday, July 31, 2008

Gordon in the morning: A confused young man

It's a strange device, Gordon Smart's moral compass. Happy to run long-lens shots of women with their breasts on display, and to discuss women's "crackers" and "bangers", all of a sudden Gordon has a fit of the vapours when discussing a ban on the name chosen by British sailors for their Olympic yacht:

Big t**s spark an Olympic row

Poor Gordon seems to be outraged at the ban on naming a boat after a Kooks song, railing at the organisers:
But their latest choice, Jackie Big T**s — a song from Inside In/Inside Out, the first album by The Kooks — has outraged humourless officials at this summer’s Beijing Games.

And yet Gordon is unable to print the name of the boat in his own column - which makes it seem odd that he's having a go at the Olympics people for calling it inappropriate. If a column which is happy to publish real tits balks at the word, why would you expect the most repressive Olympics yet to be alright with it?

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