Monday, July 28, 2008

Gordon in the morning: "I yam what I yam"

This morning finds Gordon taking delivery of a picture of Madonna, with her arms looking a little less than their best. Smart attempts some commentary:

You’re unlikely to look your best when there are rumours of a marriage meltdown, but those prominent veins look a little worrying.

'People suggesting you might get divorced makes the veins on your arms stand out'? Really?

There's also a lump near the top of one of her arms, which Gordon suggests is a "bulging bicep" (although her arms don't look like they're that buff) and that sends him off:
'Eye say Madge is Pop-ping out

What does that mean, Gordon? What does that that mean?
LOOKS like MADONNA has been gorging on POPEYE’s favourite veg spinach.

The picture caption takes up the theme:
Strong to the finish 'cause she loves her spinach ... Madonna

Eh? So her arms look simultaneously worrying and as strong as Popeye's? And Gordon does know that those films of Popeye eating spinach and suddenly getting large muscles are cartoons, not documentaries, doesn't he?

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