Thursday, July 03, 2008

Gordon in the morning: Shock and awe

If you asked Pete Doherty to offer a piece of art to the art show, given that he's developed a tedious reputation for using blood when he does his drawings, would you be surprised if the resulting contribution used blood as part of its mixed media?

No, and we suspect the We Love Marlborough arts people weren't, either, despite Gordon's characterization of their reaction:

PETE Doherty shocks organisers at a KIDS art show with painting drawn in his blood
He stunned organisers
The We Love Marlborough arts and culture group got more than they bargained for...

So, it was unacceptable and wrong and shocked them, did it, Gordon?

Did it, Gordon?

Did it?
The group have decided to include the bloody pic in the exhibition saying: “We can’t think we will get many postcards painted in blood, not unless one of the children had a nosebleed while doing theirs.”

Oh, so they have put it in the exhibition and are using it as the focus of their press push.

People deal with shock in so many different ways, don't they?

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