Thursday, July 03, 2008

In these shoes

Is there anything more depressing than the news that Kanye West is "designing" shoes for Louis Vuitton?

Well, yes, there is, loads and loads of things that are worse than that. But how quickly does a sting get drawn - one day standing up for the rights of those George Bush left to drown; now just a pointless, trivial, vacuum.


Robin Carmody said...

Quite. I was only listening to 'The College Dropout' earlier, and reminding myself how much I still love it ... I doubt I'll feel that way about anything he ever does again, lost as he now is in the mire of celebification and being just another arsehole. At least Lil Wayne has no such self-image built on past glories.

simon h b said...

Robin, it's interesting how offering a contract to manufacture perfume or have a brand of shoes is a much more effective way of closing off a critic of the State than something as clumsy as assassination of the literal or character sort, isn't it?

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