Friday, July 25, 2008

It's golden-egg-goose this, golden-egg-goose that

The Five O'Clock Heroes are feeling frustrated, poor lambs, because everyone asks them about Agyness Deyn rather than, you know, them:

"Whenever we have an interview now, all anyone ever asks us about is Agy. It can be really frustrating when the questions should be about music, not about who Agy's dating and stuff like that.

"Something I do find quite annoying is when there's a photo with Agy and the band, quite often they'll just focus on her and chop our heads off - even though she's only recorded one song with us."

The band do seem to genuinely believe that all these photos, all these interviews, would be happening without Deyn having made the record with them. She's catapulted them to a very strong position - a spot of gratitude might work better than mounting bitterness. Accept it, boys: you took part in her campaign, not she in yours.