Thursday, July 24, 2008

It's so unfair, Putin...

Apparently, some undefined "authorities" in Russia are drawing up plans to outlaw emo in a document called Government Strategy In The Sphere of Spiritual And Ethical Education Or, to give it its more literal translation, You're Not Going Out Dressed Like That, Young Man:

The document states that emos are aged from 12 to 16, wear black and pink, and have long, black hair which may "cover half the face". Other characteristics identified include black fingernails, black belts with studs and pins, and ear and eyebrow piercings.

Conservatives in Russia believe that a "negative ideology" encourages depression, social withdrawal and suicide, according to The Moscow Times.

We're going to keep an eye on Russian conservatives to see if they start parroting any other Daily Mail viewpoints - house prices, immigrants, that sort of thing - as we're starting to get confused between Paul Dacre and Vladimir Putin and can't recall every having seen them share a room.

The suspicion of black fingernails has already led to the ostracism of several keen but inept woodworkers from Russian towns.