Sunday, July 06, 2008

Oh, no: it's Lowe

Daisy Spam - daughter of Pearl from Powder and im out of Supergrass - is plotting to record a song with her boyfriend Mark Ronson, which comes as something of a surprise. Wasn't modeling meant to be the job you went into precisely because you didn't have the skills to do something creative?

Still, I suppose it's lucky she's dating a producer. If she was going out with a biologist, she'd probably get it into her head to create her own range of viruses.

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Chris Brown said...

"We had a heart to heart in the Miss SixtyEnergie lounge at London's Metropolitan Hotel before the O2 wireless festival, where Daisy gushed: "Mark Duet...

Daisy Mark gets on so well with my family. My mum adores him, and she can't stop talking about him."

Let's hope this is bad editing, because the thought of her actually calling him Daisy Mark is pretty hideous.

Oh, and sorry to be the pedant here, but isn't she actually Gavin Rossdale's daughter, at least by biology?

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