Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Quantum leaps

So, not Winehouse. Not Duffy. The next Bond theme will be done by Alicia Keys and Jack White. It's a duet, you see - the first time the Bond theme has been done as a duet, which we're given to understand is in some way significant.

The pairing seems a little clunky, but we expect they had Keys signed up before realising they'd need someone who could think of a rhyme for Quantum. And Solace.


Anonymous said...

I don't understand. Shirley Bassey AND Tom Jones are still alive. That's the duet the people surely want?

Mike said...

There've been several Bond songs that don't even mention the film title.

James said...

...and several which do, but which you really wish didn't because it's been crowbarred in so awkwardly that you feel discomfort on behalf of the writer, much like when you see Bruce Forsyth reading out horrible jokes written by someone else on Strictly Come Dancing.

Hang on, Bruce Forsyth used to sing, didn't he? Just a thought...

simon h b said...

If they really wanted a duet, how about this:

Together at last - Forsyth and O'Connor.

Complete with a preintro bit of business in which Bruce asks "'ere, which one of us is Quantum and which one is the Solace?"

James said...

That idea is, as I believe youngsters these days call it, 'Full of Win'. And how great would it be if the opening title sequence included the traditional sillhouette ladies gyrating, seamlessly interspersed with an outline of Brucie, side-on, in trademark arm-bent pose?

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