Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Trying not to Reckitt

New EMI Music chief executive Elio Leoni-Sceti is profiled in today's Guardian; James M emails with this succinct summary:

I don't know which is the most risible of the two statements EMI's new chief executive comes out with in this kid-glove Guardian blurb:

1. That he views Norah Jones & Coldplay as "eclectic" acts, remembering, also, to mention the Beatles, still EMI's main cash cow, or

2.Stressing the importance of "branding" & then remarking that emotion is more important than flogging merchandise in the music business.

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Throb said...

The more I hear Guy Hands and his cronies talk the more it becomes clear they don't get it. What creative new act is going to touch EMI with a bargepole when they know the company's being run by greedy pennypinchers who know and care nothing about music (and therfore perpetuating the worst stereotypes of major record labels)?

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