Sunday, August 10, 2008

Duffy: Don't call me Dusty

Duffy finds comparisons odious:

She says, ‘It makes me mad that people keep comparing me to Amy Winehouse and Dusty Springfield. It’s just labelling me as something else, without any respect for the struggle, the determination, focus or artistic vision I have. It’s like, "Whoa, what’s that about? Why would I want to be someone else?" Because I really don’t. I just want to be me. It’s kind of strange and disheartening to be constantly told who I look like, or who I sound like.’

Duffy may well object to being compared to Dusty Springfield. I suspect that Springfield might actually have more cause to feel outraged.


Anonymous said...

Don't think Dusty is going to be too worried about it somehow.

BTW Duffy is a great singer.

Robin Carmody said...

No she isn't.

"The struggle"?

Dear God.

Anonymous said...

what "struggle"? She's had instant success without any sort of hard work. Why? well because she's been labelled as another Amy Winehouse or Dusty Springfield!

Anonymous said...

Duffy's been singing for 9 years so her success can hardly be classed as instant.

Trouble is there's so much lazy journalism around ... nobody's interested in doing any original research or put forward any well-informed criticism ... just shallow bitching ... a bit like this blog.

Anonymous said...

agree with anon#3. much of her album was written when rough trade's jeanette lee (ex of public image limited dont ya know) 'discovered' her about three years ago.

as for the original story...i dont really give a shit what she says. it's like me looking out the window and commenting on the weather. hardly st paul at the gates

anon #2 (the ill-informed one) said...

OK so I was particularly unfair on here and I apologise that I made a comment about "instant" success. That was me being ignorant, instead of doing a bit of research. Lesson learned.

That being said, after looking at her pre-Rockferry career I'm not quite sure what her point is. She struggles for years to get attention then she finally does through what appears to be clever marketing by selling her as "the next" Winehouse. Now this comparison may not be explicit from her management/label/promotion/whoever but it's certainly there in the well-polished package of Radio 2/Jools Holland/wherever placement, the Dusty Springfield hair and the Bernard Butler "Duffy listen to these artists and we'll make you sound like that" production. Now I find her singing pleasant enough (though I'm not particularly going to go out of my way to listen to her) but I've come across many singers who're more deserving in recent years who don't succeed and I have to say that her advantage is that she's been sold a particular way. That's worked for her and justified her years of work and it's always nice to see non-TV-Karaoke contest singers succeed but she should probably keep quiet about any gripes she has with the manner she has achieved it.

Chris Brown said...

@Anon 2 - Probably best not mention that Duffy was on Waw FFactor then?

Actually I think she's made some decent pop records, and we all owe her a debt of gratitude for keeping Nickelback off Number One. I can't honestly say I blame her for getting peed off after the hundredth consecutive TV interviewer asked her about it. But "the struggle"?

anon #2 said...

I can't honestly say I blame her for getting peed off after the hundredth consecutive TV interviewer asked her about it.

It doesn't take much to just politely smile and nod. Lazy interviewers/journalists are a completely different problem to this and I agree that too many music writers, etc. could probably be doing with learning to better articulate their musical opinions rather than the old "if she's slightly odd then she sounds like Kate Bush" school of comparisons but I mean they could always just turn around and ask her "What 'artistic vision'?" Then she'd be in trouble.

I have to ask. What on earth is "Waw FFactor"? Please tell me it's not another karaoke contest I'm not aware of. Actually probably best not to tell me. Anger problems, you see.

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