Thursday, August 21, 2008

Gordon in the morning: Chop, chop, busy, busy, work, work, bang, bang

Strap yourself in, as Gordon reports Coldplay are going warp factor:

Coldplay to rush release new album

Quick, everybody! Down to Waitrose to queue! A new Coldplay album!

Just how quick will this album be, Gordon? Will it be in time for Christmas?
COLDPLAY are plotting a surprise album which could appear little more than a year after Viva La Vida conquered the planet.

Oh. So "little more than a year". Let's say fourteen months, then.

Gordon, if you think an album every fourteen months is rushing, I'd hate to see how you cope with deadlines. But then "Coldplay adopting the sort of annual album-tour-album pattern common in the music industry" isn't quite as exciting, is it?

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