Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Gordon in the morning: Me and Mr McGee

Today, as happens from time to time, Gordon has a cracking story. Not, perhaps, so cracking that it justifies the 300-odd days a year when he doesn't, but it's only fair enough to applaud today's mind-warping story about Bob Geldof hearing the news that Peaches was getting married.

What makes it such a strange tale is who he was with:

Sir Bob dealt with the news in a way few would have predicted – through the medium of dance. The Live Aid legend hit the dancefloor on holiday in Majorca after a few sangrias.

Not only that, his dance partner was the man who discovered OASIS, godfather of cool ALAN McGEE. And the choice of music? Er, High School Musical. Shameful.

A source said: “Sir Bob took the call from Peaches on a holiday with Alan."

Alan McGee? On a package tour with Bob Geldof? The same Alan McGee who was poking fun at Kevin Shields for his nostalgic cabaret?

And, the story is topped with a cracking headline, too:
Dancing on the beaches getting over Peaches

Fair enough. That's worth reading. Let's hope it's the start of a golden era of Alan McGee related gossips.


Simon said...

Is that headline made more joyous by the fact the majority of Gordon's target audience won't have a clue what it refers to? Presumably he was saving it for Peaches beach candids and had had it so long and was getting so frustrated by the lack of opportunities that he chose to work it in on the hoof.

"Godfather of cool", though? By what measurement?

Anonymous said...

that is an impressive headline. for mr smart.

Olive said...

Much as I hate Mr Smart, that is a corking headline

Stan Halen said...

The headline was almost certainly not written by Gordon. Sub editors, anyone?

Anonymous said...

Like all the other monkeys that own typewriters, given enough time he will come out with some good stuff.

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