Friday, August 01, 2008

If only he'd spent as long on the 'who comes next' problem

More from Alan McGee's gossipy interview with Uncut, as he reminds us that he hung out with Tony Blair:

“Blair is in a T-shirt and Bermuda shorts and we’re discussing the new Oasis LP, the Beatles . . .” McGee told Uncut. “We talked about who was the best songwriter in Teenage Fanclub - he thought Gerry [Love] and I thought Norman [Blake]. “That was the conversation I was having with Tony Blair. That’s how strange, how totally fucking psychedelic things had become.”

Of course, for quite a while McGee and the Gallaghers had been hoping that everyone would forget their shining-eyed endorsement of Blair, but now that the nation is trying to work out how things were able to get worse, it seems that the Creation/New Labour years have moved from 'awkward embarrassment' to 'worth name-dropping' again.

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