Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Kaiser Chiefs demand interest, excitement, sex music

Ricky Wilson doesn't like modern indie. Not a bit:

"Indie bands are big, so a lot of record companies are pushing indie bands and going 'we've got one and they dress in vests'," Wilson said. "That indie by numbers is boring."

And how are the Kaiser Chiefs going to mark themselves out as different from the indie-by-numbers? By working with Mark Ronson and including a duet with Lily Allen on the new album. Let's hope they can cope with the cold wind of rejected mainstreamism, eh?


Olive said...

"That indie by numbers is boring."

It's taken me a while, but I've just realized that Kaiser Chiefs are just Blur saying 'Tonight Mathew, we're going to be Freddie and the Dreamers'.

simon h b said...

Oh, what would I give to see Ricky Wilson doing that little kick-in-the-air dance?

Olive said...

Wading through a google image search for both bands is vaguely dispiriting. Page after page after page of the grinningest men in pop, each backed by a handful of hollow-eyed bandmates looking as if they envy the dead. And the jumping, oh pale waltzing Christ, the jumping!



Anonymous said...

Yes, the jumping. It practically makes them The Who.

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