Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Kid Rock insists he was soggy and damp, thank you

Back in June, Kid Rock failed to show at Download, with organisers insisting he had dehyrdation.

Rock has suddenly decided to get upset about this, insisting it wasn't true:

"They (festival bosses) treated me like fuck. There was just one trailer for my whole band. We had no water, no bathroom, no rider.

"The final straw was when they wouldn't give my crew any food or drinks vouchers.

And the star insists he warned promoters he would pull out if his needs were not catered for - and reacted badly to their snubs by urinating in the organiser's office.

He adds, "I called the promoter and told him he had two hours to get it sorted or I was out. They did nothing so I visited the promoter's office, took a piss on his couch and left."

Oh, boo hoo, they had to share a trailer and Rock's "crew" would have to pay for sandwiches and beer out of Rock's fee. Does Rock think that throwing a tantrum over having to share a caravan makes him look better than people thinking he forgot to drink?

Still, pissing on furniture at least establishes you have no fluid problems.

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