Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A million Muxtapes

With the RIAA's hollow victory in closing down Muxtape, while alternatives spring up, you know what would really suck for them? If someone released open-source software which allowed anyone with a server and the inclination to launch a Muxtape-type service. That would mean that, rather in the way they killed Napster rather than deal with a single service, and ended up with a squillion torrents instead, they'd killed off a popular service they could have explored licensing, and instead face a world with a million, smaller services to try and cope with.

Meet OpenTape.

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Andrew said...

Of course, putting this on your site and posting RIAA-owned MP3s to it exposes you to liability for copyright lawsuits. Especially if you're one of the little guys whom the RIAA/BPI/IFPI are counting on not being able to defend themselves. If you only get a takedown notice, you can count yourself lucky.

The admin of Muxtape kept changing the code (of the site and Flash plugin) regularly, playing a cat-and-mouse game with those developing Firefox Greasemonkey scripts for downloading the streamable MP3s. He needed to, as a gesture of good faith that he was making a streaming tool and not tolerating downloading. I suspect that there will soon be a Firefox plugin for automatically downloading the contents of any OpenTape page, and that the operators of the various sites won't put in the hard yards at locking such a plugin out over and over again.

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