Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Money for old stope

Could there be value in that stuff which you'd normally be shucking off to landfill? If there's a vague celebrity conenction, you could be quids in. A company called Marquee Capital is looking to create an investment opportunity in high-grade celebrity memorabilia, with a strong focus on Madonna.

It'll take anything with a value - Gary Glitter's old teaspoons, Richard from the Verve's uncollected dry cleaning - but mainly, yes, it's suggesting you invest your pension scheme in stuff Madonna has touched. Why?:

* Continued Popularity, Appeal and Diverse Fan Base – she has successfully been able to continuously reinvent herself, ensuring longevity in an otherwise ruthless industry
* Achievements and Success – she is the most successful female music artist of all time and continues to flourish
* Diversity – she is not only a renowned singer/song writer, but Madonna has authored 5 children’s books, won a Golden Globe award for her role in Evita and more recently, designed a range of clothing for the retail chain H&M
* Supply / Demand Imbalance – the demand for genuine Madonna memorabilia outstrips the supply available; genuine Madonna memorabilia rarely come up in auctions – when they do become available, the increase in bidding activity drives the values up

The "otherwise ruthless industry" bit is interesting, suggesting that she has a kind of Daniel In The Lion's Den aspect to her.

Still: it makes sense, doesn't it? Madonna stuff will probably continue to grow in value, at least for the next few years (although long-term, we'd still suggest bricks and mortar would be less risky.)

So, the rest of the people whose discarded stuff is being invested in are equally top-notch, then?

Well, except Goldie Hawn, perhaps. And I'm not sure I'd want to gamble my plans for a comfortable old age on a part-share in Latoya Jackson's used leather trousers.

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Anonymous said...

Now I'm not going to deny the enduring popularity and successful business that The Madonna Company have built up but...

"Diverse Fan Base"?!?

That'd presumably be diverse as in I love music so much that I regularly listen to Radio 2 and my favourite Beatles album is Best of The Beatles, I guess.

"successfully been able to continuously reinvent herself"

Ah the old classic Madonna line! Rip off old tat and sell it on as your own absolutely original idea so well - especially when you have the backing.

"a renowned singer/song writer"

Only yesterday I was mentioning her up there with Dylan.

"Madonna has authored 5 children’s books, won a Golden Globe award for her role in Evita and more recently, designed a range of clothing for the retail chain H&M"

Or has she, more accurately, been used by various brands as a marketing tool to sell their products? (I do love the fact that over the years her image is so manipulated by the people marketing her that they now only mention "children's" books and casually avoid the old image they presented, which, of course, included rather less wholesome coffee-table tomes.)

Still I suppose we can't deny that there's some money to be had by someone here but then it's hardly surprising that people are gullible enough to buy into this crap.

On the fan base thing I do have one question. I'm not going to deny her popularity but does she still have a particularly loyal fan base or does she vary from record to record? To me she doesn't seem to have the sort of rampant dedicated followers she had in the 80s or even the sort of lunacy that comes from those that have stuck by Michael Jackson in the same period of time. Are there still a large number of fans out there who have been there from the start and go out and buy everything she releases?

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