Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Muxtape nixed

Muxtape had been giving people a new, interesting way of interacting with music - taking it as something more than just a vast, undifferentiated sludge of tracks and creating something careful and crafted, on a par with the mixtapes of the past.

It was only a matter of time before the RIAA blundered in. The site is currently closed, although there is a hopeful message on the Muxtape blog:

No artists or labels have complained. The site is not closed indefinitely. Stay tuned.

Beta users of Muxtape For Bands: you are unaffected by this outage.

For the moment, though, the front of Muxtape reads:
Muxtape will be unavailable for a brief period while we sort out a problem with the RIAA.


Anonymous said...

This is the same muxtape that was going out of their way to provide links to buy the tracks uploaded to the site?

When will the RIAA learn, eh? Hand that feeds and all that...

anon #1 again said...

* sorry should've said that I mean "provide links to buy the tracks from legitimate retailers"

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