Friday, August 15, 2008

Noel Gallagher has more to share

Noel Gallagher has pretty much damned the British mainstream music scene lock, stock and Mark Ronson guest appearances, apparently without realising how much he has done to create it:

He described Scouting For Girls as "Scouting For Idiots" and compared Winehouse to a "destitute horse".

Of Brit-winner Ronson, he said: "He wants to write his own tunes instead of ruining everyone else's.

"Mark Ronson needs to learn three chords on the guitar and write a tune."

Gallagher also had a pop at Kaiser Chiefs, he said: "The Monkees haven't split up, they're just going under the name of the Kaiser Chiefs.

"I did drugs for 18 years and I never got that bad as to say, 'You know what? I think the Kaiser Chiefs are brilliant.'"

Didn't someone on one of the comedy shows do a gag last weekend about Amy Winehouse looking like a horse? Mock The Week, I think. Presumably anyone buying a ticket to the Oasis tour should avoid watching Would I Lie To You lest it spoils the planned onstage banter for the shows.

Mind you, it would have been great if Noel had come up with an opinion on the Kaiser Chiefs eighteen years ago - that would have actually been some impressive drugs. It might have saved him from sounding twenty years out of date back then, even... but perhaps he did predict the Kaisers when he was drugged... could that be... be... no... watching Kaisers... watching...


Andrew said...

Yeah, Mark Ronson should learn three chords. The Beatles only ever used three chords, didn't they?

James said...

'He described Scouting For Girls as "Scouting For Idiots"'

Jayzus. Granted, there's never been that much risk of Noel Gallagher appearing on QI, but... 'Scouting For Idiots'? This is the razor-sharp wit over which the tabloids go nuts? I'd be embarrassed if a six year-old came out with that, never mind a 41 year-old drunk on national radio. I'm as indifferent as the next man to Scouting For Girls' numerous rewrites of 'She's So Lovely', but really... 'Scouting For Idiots'?

To lift the mood, here's the best joke I heard this weekend.

Man walks into a department store and asks the woman at the information desk "Do you have a Complaints department?"
Woman says "No we don't, you big fat smelly git"

Alright, so it's no 'Scouting For Idiots', but it made me laugh.

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