Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Noel: Oasis like no Oasis you've ever heard before

With a new Oasis album lumbering into view, it's surely time for Noel Gallagher to tell us that this time round, instead of the lumpenlennonisms of the last albums, this is going to be a whole different beast.

Yes, it's time:

"It's not Britpop, let's put it that way. It's not our usual thing," he explained. "It's just really exciting, three of the tracks have got two drummers on, me and Zak [Starkey] playing drums. Some of it sounds a bit glam. There's no pop singles on it. I'd be amazed if anything else gets on the radio past the first single."

Two drummers, you say? Like Rialto, then?

We love Noel's suggestion that something "a bit glam" might make it hard for Oasis to get airplay. Ooh! Careful there.

Still, you've got to almost feel sorry for a man who makes a fuss in 2008 because he's just now made an album that might not stick to a Britpop template. But will there be any tunes you can hum? Or bellow along to down the pub? Will there be songs to bash out on the joanna down the Bull and Bush? On the old pianer... anna...


Matthew said...

Are you sure Rialto had two drummers? I only ask because there were definitely only four of them. I know this because my fiance has a Rialto single (The third one which no one remembers - 50p bargain bin I suspect) which has 4 collectable postcards of the band - one each! - and to be frank, they weren't the lookers of Britpop.

Check my facts, and if I'm right, I think you owe us a link to Monday Morning 5:19 on YooToob or somesuch thing, as it is unquestionably ace.

Regards, blah, blah,


Chris Brown said...

They definitely had two drummers when the first album came out, (one of whom was called Anthony Christmas IIRC) but I think they may have had to let a few members go one of the times they got dropped.

I've got the last-ever Rialto single (also featuring 'Monday Morning 5:19' in French!) and there were only four of them by then.

is a live version from VH1, and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j1JvnT-zPYQ is one of the videos.

Matthew said...

"Rialto has two drummers, one of whom was called Anthony Christmas"

Surely a piece of trivia worth 5,000 points in any pub quix. I doff my hat to you sir.

Matthew said...

Meant quiz, obviously. Stupid small laptop keyboard.

simon h b said...

To be fair, I was reminded of the two Rialto drummers by James at the weekend, down in the comments on the Echobelly weekend:


James said...

My pleasure ;) Reading Noel's quote just two days after pondering the two-drummers thing myself was one of the spookier things that's happened on a blog...

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