Thursday, August 14, 2008

Pixie offers help

I have a lot of time for the Samaritans, a charity which does a lot of valuable work. But did they really think it through before inviting Pixie Geldof to front their 'don't worry if your exam results are bad' message this year?

Pixie, the daughter of Live Aid organiser, Bob Geldof and sister to A-lister Peaches, said: "Samaritans is important if you don't have anybody to talk to. If you are worried about exam results, stressed or feeling low, it's always nice to have someone on the outside of everything who doesn't know you and can't judge you.

"I do relaxation exercises and I talk to my friends and get lots of hugs. I like to be around people when I am feeling stressed."

It's good advice - and, seriously, if you're feeling stressed by your results, it is a great idea to talk to someone.

But is Pixie really the person you want to have sharing that message? "Gosh, sometimes I get so stressed, like when the papers put Peaches in and not me, and so I know what it's like. I mean, gosh, if I fail my exam I really don't know what I'd do... I mean, obviously, I'm going to have Daddy sorting me out with a cosy job in the media but it means that any chances of appearing on the front of the Daily Telegraph punching the air with delight would be... you know... gone or something..."

That Pixie starts burbling on about how she gets hugs from her friends to cheer herself up shows, in itself, she might not be the ideal person to reach out to those who feel totally isolated.


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