Saturday, August 09, 2008

Placebo: Steve out, Steve in

It probably makes sense that Placebo have replaced former drummer Steve with another Steve - it makes it so much easier when you don't have to learn a new name, doesn't it? It's a bit like when Elsie Tanner's second husband was, luckily, also called Tanner.

The band have poached Steve Forrest from Evaline, the band who supported them on their 2006 tour. Future support acts will do well to count their members as they pack up on the last night, lest Brian has pinched a bassist or a keyboard player.

Mariya (to whom thanks for the tip-off) points out that Evaline don't appear to have heard the news yet, as their MySpace still lists Forrest as a member. [UPDATE: It's been changed in the last hour to list Greg Petersen as drummer. We're assuming - since Placebo is their #2 friend, this is all been done with good grace.


Anonymous said...

they didn't remove steve forrest's name on their members list any time recently. it has said greg petersen for already a year now.

Anonymous said...

That's right Greg. You and RJ planned the kick out of Steve F. for a while before it happened. But all is well look at him now and what are you doing these days?

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