Saturday, August 09, 2008

The Press Association might not be what it once was

The wires clatter, and out comes a report, filed by the Press Association. What could it be? Abdication? Assassination? War?

No, it's the news that Antony Costa is thinking of buying a ticket to LA:

Antony Costa has revealed that he could be the next British star to travel across the pond in pursuit of fame.

Victoria Beckham, Cat Deeley and Simon Cowell have all been making waves Stateside, and now the former Blue star is considering making the journey.

Costa, of course, does differ from that trio, who moved across when at the top of their fame and, thus, traveled first class, while Costa is looking into how much it would cost to wrap himself in brown paper and get FedExed to Hollywood.

Still, it's not like Costa is without contacts in La La land:
"I might want to go to LA because my brother is out there at the moment studying drama," Antony revealed.

"I just want to go out there and see what it's about, and get my name about."

There's every chance his brother might be able to put in a word and get him to understudy a tree in a forthcoming student production of The Wizard Of Oz.

It's fairly safe to say that, when Cowell crossed the Atlantic, he did so with a better plan that "seeing what its about."


Anonymous said...

Ever heard of the saying 'If you can't say something nice , don't say anything at all ? '
Antony Costa has more talent in his little finger than you will ever possess in your entire miserable life.
It's quite clear that you know nothing about him from your inane rantings . Perhaps you ought to research your subject in future , before you start throwing around such bitchy comments !!

duckie said...

"P.S. I write to Anthony every day telling of my great love for him. He never replies but then he is incredibly busy looking up where LA is in an atlas and phoning round to get quotes for insurance for his little finger, since it is the repository of his entire talent."

Anonymous said...

I know how you feel, Anon. Simon once said that Brian Molko is losing his hair, while HE IS REALLY NOT. I started planning an assasination, but then I ate this great big sandwich which made me sleepy. Long story short, when I woke up, I just didn't feel as fussy anymore. Perhaps, you too need a good sandwich (or pizza, whatever).

simon h b said...

@anonymous #1:
"Ever heard of the saying 'If you can't say something nice , don't say anything at all ?'"

Yes, I have. And it's a fine motto to live by. Like calling my life miserable, suggesting that I have less talent than Costa's fingers, and describing me as inane, then? That sort of something nice?

Chris Brown said...

It's good to know that Antony Costa has some talent in his little finger. - pity about the parts of his body he used in his musical career, though.

Coffee's OK, I'll give him that.

James said...

"I just want to go out there and see what it's about, and get my name about."

Nice line! Reminds me of when Denise Van Outen went to America last year to try her luck. When pressed about this visit on her premature return, she explained in as vague terms as possible that she'd been to 'Have a look around'. Maybe she just hopped onto the wrong bus, and was expecting to visit a Barrats show-home. Except I think Barrats will still have you, even if you're an sub-Butlins Margi Clarke tribute act.

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