Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Record labels more obsolete than earlier today

One of the great things about record labels, though, is that they provide a vital physical infrastructure. Sure, anyone can publish online but getting a record into a shop? That's quite a big deal. There'll always be room for labels, as it's not like anyone is going to make releasing physical product as simple as putting stuff online, is it?

Oh. That's what Discmakers are claiming they're going to do:

Disc Makers has launched Elite Artist Services, a new imprint that will make it even easier for established artists to strike out on their own. Disc Makers, one of the industry's most popular CD and DVD manufacturers, has said that the Elite service will provide the infrastructure necessary for artists to manufacture, market and distribute their CDs and downloads without the help of major label. Elite will even offer graphic design, packaging, mastering, warehouse storage and merchandise for their clients. The service will also offer download sales through the artists' website, iTunes, Amazon and Rhapsody.

Doubtless the RIAA are desperately looking for some evidence of how this could be sued out of existence. Let's hope we get a similar service in the UK.

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Simon Thornton said...

This could be fun then. They're the people that just bought CDbaby.com too, so they've probably got an idea of how to do this.

I was gonna play with putting something up via the CDbaby.com system soon, and they accept stuff from the UK (as well as everywhere else non-US natch) so the new parent company won't have to do much work to make it global I'd of thought...

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