Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Slip-knot our fault

It's grimly amusing the way that bands who base their image on murder and death and fear and misery suddenly start backtracking when they suddenly get linked to actual murder and death. It happened with Marilyn Manson over Columbine; now, Slipknot are desperately trying to disassociate themselves from a murder in South Africa where the lad who stabbed four people with a sword while wearing a "Slipknot" mask:

Yesterday, a representative of the label representing Slipknot told The Times the band had no comment.

Declining to provide her name, the woman at Roadrunner Records said: “We’ve had no confirmation that it was, in fact, a Slipknot mask. The band is not going to respond.”

It's odd that they have so much to say about mayhem normally, but come over queasy when it's suddenly all real.

It's too simplistic to 'blame' music for people's behaviour, but if you don't want to find yourself being asked awkward questions about stabbings, perhaps you shouldn't dress up a serial killers and throw entrails about in the first place? If you're serious about shining a light into the darkest areas of the human psyche, why do you squeal and go into hiding when it gets reflected back?


Kc said...

The murder has nothing atall to do with them - that might be a reason why they won't comment, maybe? Dunno, just a thought..

Anonymous said...

KC, I disagree. Thye statement itself is a comment, and probably in responce to a journalist's questions. Why not stand up tall and say what they really think about it? Are they really so afraid of the media, their fans and mishandling their image that they got to make themselves look like a bunch of weired cowards? How dissficult is something like,"Symbolic art is symbolic art. We deal with cathartic exploration of the dark side of human emotion which we believe is necessary to aknowledge. In no way have we ever encouraged violence, and it saddens us that some people are so troubled as to commit acts of pure evil." There, it took me 30 seconds to come up with this. I'm sure, given 5 minute anyone can do better. Kurt Cobain spoke up about people raping a girl while singing "Polly". There are a lot of pathetic creeps in the world and it's important to remind them that their favorite band will not be impressed by violence.

Anonymous said...

Honestly i think this whole thing has been taken far off the topic...( boy kills at school) now all i hear is slipknot this slipknot that.....I mean REALLY! Take responsibility for your own actions people and stop blaming the whold god damn world.

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