Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Slipknot slip, not playing Reading

Slipknot have pulled out of Reading/Leeds, after realising that it's 2008. Sorry, that should be after Joey broke his ankle:

To Our Fans:
It is with huge regret and disappointment that we have been forced to cancel our imminent festival appearances at Leeds and Reading. The other night, Joey Jordison broke his ankle and doctors have advised Joey to stay off his leg for 4-6 weeks to prevent further injury or permanent and more serious damage.

We know you will be hugely disappointed and so are we. Cancelling shows is never an easy decision and we apologize to all our fans, friends and family for not being there to throw down with you.


Presumably their family, though, aren't going to be quite as disappointed? Unless they only have access rights during festival season?


Anonymous said...

When I broke my ankle, I completed the 2 mile race (though, I came last), then tied it up and went to my evening class (though it took me a loong while to get there). After that I finally went to a hospital, but refused to go to my home city finnishing the semester. And I am a little girl. What, he plays with his feet? Sissy.
I'm 5'1'', but I often get the feeling that if you locked me in a room for 30 minutes with any one of these tough looking/talking/acting rockers, I could beat the shit out of any of them.

CarsmileSteve said...

ha, if yr 5'1" yr probably taller than joey, he's a tiny little poppet, bless him.

you do seem to be being a bit harsh, i imagine there may have been insurance issues whether he wanted to play or not...

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