Sunday, August 31, 2008

Someone you've never heard of is friends with Gary Glitter

The News of the World wants us to be angry and outraged at Gary Glitter's famous friend:

Look who's in Gary Glitter's gang
Pervert's hairdresser pal, vice madam and aunt who sold her niece for sex

Blimey - it's not Vidal, is it? Or Lee Stafford? Or even that bloke off the Salon?
Millionaire hairdresser Gordon Buchanan, wearing a red and white bandana and baring comedy false teeth, sits on the back of Glitter’s scooter before a trip to the seaside.

Millionaire who? Gordon Buchanan? Does the News of the World really think we know who he is?

Even Google doesn't know who he is - most of the search results for his name return the wildlife photographer; the first result for the hairdresser is #18 - for the Screws own story. He's even trumped by a Gordon Buchanan who runs a garden centre in Trovit. Then, at #25, there's another appearance - in pretty much the same story which appeared in, erm, Yesterday's Mirror. Indeed, aside from the current stories about Glitter, there's no reference to Buchanan in the first 100 search results. So why is the NOTW writing about him like he's a public figure?

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