Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sorry, sorry, sorry

It's not just Neil Diamond apologising to his audience; Emmy The Great also said sorry to fans at the Leeds Festival:

apologies to anyone at the leeds show on friday. i went to sleep in london, woke up in leeds and forgot all the words. it's cool though cause everybody knows our songs are all about the killer beats. fortunate for those who weren't there, the bbc were recording our stage on friday, so if you want to hear some of those alternative lyrics, liberally peppered with um and fuck, you should be able to soon.

Of course, people who hadn't had the pleasure of Emmy The Great before might have just assumed that she was a two-legged cuss machine.

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Simon Thornton said...

She's so sweet and quiet in person when recording (been doing stuff with her recently, comes out in a couple of months) but it's quite a shift in gear when she's doing live stuff - almost a different person (and we had no problems with her forgetting lyrics either!)

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