Monday, August 04, 2008

Too thick to leak

The default No Rock eyebrow position when we hear of bands in need of publicity whose tracks "leak" onto the internet is half-raised; now, our suspicion that the leak/moan about leak strategy is well in play has been confirmed - The Wall Street Journal reports that Torrentfreak has caught Buckcherry redhanded.

The "leak" of Too Drunk To Fuck outraged the band:

Buckcherry wrote in a July 3 MySpace posting that "we hate it when this s- happens, because we want our FANS to have any new songs first." In that post, the band provided a link that allows fans to download a copy of the song, and soon after posted a music video on its Web site. A July 22 news release from Atlantic quoted the band making the same complaint.

The trouble is, it turns out that the leak came from the band's manager, Josh Klemme.

But, of course, the record industry couldn't be using illegal filesharing as a marketing route, could it? Because that could create a hypocrisy-feedback-loop out of which we might never escape.