Friday, August 08, 2008

You And Me And.... can you smell burning?

Mini-dramas on the road for You, Me, And Everyone We Know, as their van catches fire:

Basically, it was as if our house burned down but fortunately our equipment was saved due to the quick arrival of the firefighters. In the end, all of this is just stuff and we're stoked to be alive. Thankfully, with the help of Dear Hunter, Lydia, and Eye Alaska, along with the support of our friends and family we are happy to have worked out a way to continue on the rest of the this tour. This train don't stop come hell or high water.

In leu of being out a van and the major majority of all of our personal belongings, we're going to look into setting up some kind of donation account where you might help us literally get shoes back on our feet if you can find it in your hearts to do so. Otherwise, just do us a favor and come see us at some point during the rest of this tour. It would mean the world to us.

The photos of the burned out van show that we were nearly down all of You, Me, And Everyone We Know.

The fire had been started when their tyre blew out; sparks set the grass at the side of the road aflame. The grass fire then returned the favour.