Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Back from the brink: Shelleyan Orphan

Bournemouth's contribution to popular culture is, to be fair, slight: That bloke who used to go to all England's matches dressed up all patriotic like until the story leaked about dubious activities with children; Jim Davidson sitting as chair of the local football club. And Shelleyan Orphan.

The latter have just reunited: We Have Everything We Need is due on October 13th on One Little Indian. The album features a collaboration with the Hungarian National Radio Orchestra, which is quite refreshing.

You might want to hold off buying it, though, as there's a box set promised this winter in which the new record is collated alongside all the 1980s-90s stuff and a bunch of rarities.

There's a tour planned, too.

Need your memory jogged? See if this doesn't bring the last half-hour of the Janice Long Show rushing back:


James said...

As a former Bournemouth resident, I can attest to the lack of local celebrities. The last one I can recall is former Blue Peter presenter Stuart Miles, who studied Media at Bournemouth University. So he may not actually have come from Bournemouth either.

Ooh, there was a great tramp called Ronnie though, who'd stand in the doorway of John Lewis and perform his famous act, which involved strumming a manky guitar and shouting. Alternately. I always hoped he'd go on to bigger things.

PeterD said...

Alex James, he is from Bournemouth.

ian said...

Steve Lamacq was born in Bournemouth

simon h b said...

Liverpool had a bloke who pretty much had Ronnie's act, although he didn't own a guitar and so used a cardboard cut out of one...

Boscombe, surely?

... and yet he to travel to West Essex to find fame...

James said...

@Simon - I suspect Ronnie's act also formed the basis of Liam Lynch's career, thinking about it... The cardboard guitar is a masterstroke though. Got MIA where she is today.

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