Monday, September 08, 2008

Brit Awards 2009: Can you wait?

The 2009 Brit Awards will, again, be televised live by ITV. Although there's no word yet on who will host, the chances of it being better than this year's horrorshop have to be high. February 18th is the date for your diary; the nasty ITV2 nominations programme is scheduled for January 20th.

Which does give us a chance to ask: what on earth were they thinking they were doing when they kind-of redesigned the ITV2 logo? The ITV family of channels at least looked coherent, if they lacked any other sort of coherence, and now they've got on channel whose logo fits, except it's been turned through about 30 degrees and then made 3D for no good reason. If they really wanted to try and give a sense of personality to the channel, they could have tweaked the 2 and left it in the standard ITV logo layout; this just looks like fifteen minutes before a press launch they got someone to knock something up using the graphics capability of Microsoft Word.


mu said...

Noticed this while watching itv2 the other day (can't remember what it was - some film or other, but it was better than the usual itv fare) and it made my tv look like it was cutting off the corners. really strange.

Paul Wells said...

What a shame, it appears to fall on my 30th birthday so I will undoubtably be avoiding it.
Seriously, if you catch me in here commenting on it on the 18th feb, put me in a bag with a brick and chuck me in the river as there will be something seriously wrong with me if I'm spending my birthday watching ITV2....

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