Monday, September 08, 2008

Clash injection

Clash magazine - the music (and apparently fashion) monthly that comes from Dundee - has been given a large chunk of public money, drawing down nearly a quarter of a million quid from the Scottish Parliament to fund its web ambitions:

MD John O’Rourke: “We now have the opportunity to develop the platform with more applications that will captivate our unique community of music tastemakers and help realise our global aspirations. Clash will continue to concentrate on quality in both our content and delivery, streaming many exclusives and adding new channels, all of which shall see the level of growth continue.”

Does Clash really have a unique community of music tastemakes? (For the website of a magazine that currently has Kings Of Leon on the front cover, mark you.) Clearly, it has a community of users, but I'd be very surprised if they claim their readers are in any way unique to them.

I should imagine the team are even now sending the Clash team cards, generously welcoming competitors funded by the rates.


Anonymous said...

I'm at a complete loss as to what this magazine has done to deserve subsidising. Is this just another example of the powers that be being completely and utterly out of touch with the nature of the internet? I can't see the website or print magazine surviving other free alternatives although I suppose so long as they publish articles about how "helpful" the Scottish Parliament has been to the music industry they'll be OK.

simon h b said...

It seems - although the stories are a bit vague - the money has been released on the basis that Clash are creating 18 jobs; although how sustainable those jobs will be once the subsidy runs out is questionable - it's a lot of money to be spending from public funds, but it's a tiny sum compared with the figures drawn down by most internet start-ups.

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