Friday, September 26, 2008


You might have thought that Frances Bean Cobain would have had enough of suicide dominating her short life, but no: apparently her 16th birthday party was suicide-themed:

The website Gossip Rocks managed to track down Frances’s invitation to her “Suicidal 16,” which reads: “My one and only sweet 16 . .. eerrrr actually it’s my suicidal 16. .. We are also having a contest, it’s the ‘who can look most dead contest.’ If you dress up dead and are picked as the top three, you will receive an iPod Touch and a $200 gift certificate to Amoeba. So get that face paint on, and try to make it as realistic as you can.”

I wonder who won the parent's race.

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Anonymous said...

I can only assume that if I'd grown up with that mother, I probably would have "issues" like this too. Still, an iPod Touch for winnning? At least we now know how Love is getting her music out these days!

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