Thursday, September 11, 2008

Former Kitten in trouble - no, not Katona this time

One of the more-balanced Atomic Kittens, Natasha Hamilton, has quietly been making a new life for herself as a bar owner in Liverpool. It's been going well, so far.

So far.

Liverpool City Council has closed the place down on police advice, suspending the licence:

PC Moore [told the licensing meeting]: “Several gun crime nominals have been seen in frequenting the premises and are known to be active in criminality in the city. At a meeting with the directors in August, we voiced concern about the calibre of clientele and that some of the characters frequenting the club have the capacity to carry lethal weapons.”

Isn't the "capacity to carry lethal weapons" having hands and perhaps a belt? I know he meant "may own lethal weapons", but could he not say that?

The club had started checking for knives and guns on Fridays and Saturdays; their suggestion to try and save the licence was to really crack down and see if people were bringing in knives every night of the week. It's possibly a little too late, given that people were stabbed in the H Bar on Sunday night/Monday morning.

The H Bar is appealing against the decision; the appeal will be heard tomorrow.

Hamilton has pronounced herself gobsmacked:
“Since we opened the bar nearly a year ago there has not been a single incident of violence or disorder of any kind and the atmosphere we have generated has been fantastic.”

“We pride ourselves on the safety and security of all of the crowd who fill H every weekend and that of our staff."

Not a single incident of violence or disorder. Erm, apart from the double stabbing, of course.

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