Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The ghosts of Motley Crue

With Mick Mars churning out guitar bits all the time, enquiring minds - well, Ultimate Guitar - wants to know how he can tell when he's invented something that is a Motley Crueable tune?

Umm, a MÖTLEY song is umm, I can feel them; I can pretty much tell right away. Umm, when I write a song for MÖTLEY CRÜE, about two-thirds of it is MÖTLEY and then I kind of put a part in that pieces it together, so you can hear the parts together.

The modern Motley Crue work in a way that resembles McCartney and Wonder making Ebony and Ivory - i.e. it's all done in pieces without meeting and results in a terrible noise:
Mostly what we did was, I would come in with some riffs and things like that. We would record them, I would record them on ProTools because everybody was kind of doing their thing, you know? Like Tommy and Vince already had their schedules already pre-planned so we had to kind of plan around that because they had already committed to doing that before. Doing what they needed to do, that is. And so what we did was, Nikki and I would record some things, put them down on ProTools, cut 'em up, splice 'em together, put 'em together, however you want to call it. And had Tommy and Vince do their parts when they had time to do it. And it worked out pretty well.

Plans for the tour will see the various members of band playing on the same stage on four different nights; gig-goers will be asked to remember what each bit sounded like and piece them together in their minds.

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