Friday, September 12, 2008

Gordon in the morning: Any more Guy?

Readers of the print edition of The Sun might be surprised to discover that Gordon has chosen to run with Guy Ritchie's 40th Birthday again today, as his lead. As the whole world read yesterday, Madonna - the only semi-interesting thing about Ritchie - had left the party as soon as possible, but that doesn't mean it wasn't a star-filled affair:

Oddball yank DAVID GEST was lingering after catching a sniff of the party on Wednesday at The Punchbowl boozer in London’s Mayfair.

Even Gordon knows he's struggling:
A tanned JAMIE HINCE also put in an appearance.

So why did this fairly dull party from the night before last get such a prominent position in the paper? Smart is reduced to banging on about pies to fill in space - and even then, he doesn't seem to know what to say about them:
Pals of the RocknRolla film director arranged for some special-edition pub grub to celebrate his milestone celebration.
just some good old-fashioned pies in a variety of flavours.
The pies were smoked haddock and egg or chicken, leek and tarragon.

So, that's old-fashioned pies that are also special edition pies. Is it possible for something to be both traditional and novel?

Still, Gordon is obsessed by those pies:
They went down a treat. Guy loved them.

Pies! Pies!
“He was presented with one, with a sign stuck in it, by his pals before the serious boozing started.”

Who wants pies?
The nosh was made by The Portobello Pie Company specially for the occasion.

Fascinating. Pies?
Pies are the new sushi, if you ask me.

Any more pie, Gordon?
I hope The Queen of Pop had digested her Guy pie in time for all that dancing.

Has anyone ever got so excited by pub food before? Tomorrow: Gordon discovers the salted peanuts - and they're on a card with a woman in a bikini.

Although when the paper was printed this close study of someone's tea from Tuesday had been considered the biggest story of the day, online it's hidden halfway down the page, with an interview with Will Young boosted to take the key slot.

Will talks about his desire to adopt and then tells a story about a relative:
“My niece was drawing pictures with me and she had drawn one of me that she wasn’t happy with.

“She said, ‘William, this is you. Something about it isn’t quite right. Let me see.’ I had long hair, then she drew a skirt on me. She is so young but astute enough to pick up on that. It was brilliant."

But you're not actually a transvestite are you, Will?


James said...

"I hope The Queen of Pop had digested her Guy pie in time for all that dancing"

I'm sure I say this about once a week now, but... Does Gordon realise this stuff is being printed in a national newspaper, with actual people reading it? Would it really have been too much trouble to leave that line out and stretch the photo a bit to fill the space? He could even have gone the exam-paper route and put

Blank paragraph

Chris Brown said...

Phrases I never again want to read early in the morning: "I hope [Madonna] had digested her Guy pie." I mean, ewww!

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