Saturday, September 27, 2008

Gordon in the morning: "Junkie star hits new low"

There's a surprisingly strong condemnation of Amy Winehouse thins morning:

Junkie star hits new low... Amy faces arrest

That's what the story teaser screams, but the detail - on a story by Anthony France - isn't quite so eyecatching.

A woman claims that Winehouse hit her. Which might be terrible, if true, but given that Winehouse has hit people before, it's hard to see how this could count as a "new low" - bumping along the bottom, perhaps.

And the claim that she's "facing arrest"? This seems to be simply bollocks:
Cops were called to the £700-a-ticket End Of Summer Ball in central London, where Amy performed, and took a statement from Sherene.

They are expected to quiz Back To Black and Rehab singer Amy, 25, later.

So Smart, French and The Sun aren't even sure if the police are going to proceed with the matter - "expected" to - and have absolutely no reason to claim at this stage that she's "facing arrest". In the broader sense, perhaps, of "if it's true, and if they feel there's a point in pursuing the case, she would face arrest" - but that's not quite the same thing, is it?

Indeed, the only mention of arrest in the actual story is in the padding flam at the bottom:
Outside the ball, five cops had to restrain a well-dressed woman after a row with her boyfriend.

See Amy on stage and the woman being arrested by clicking on the link below.

Yes, some random woman was arrested, so they've shoved a photo of her on the Sun site for no apparent reason.

Meanwhile, Gordon Smart reacts to Madonna's massive fine for over-running at Wembley and the complaints of the sound being a bit rubbish, by a spot of I'm-alright-Jacking off:
But other fans further back in the stadium were upset by the poor sound quality and late finish.

There were complaints that some fans couldn’t hear her properly but she sounded on top form from where I was sitting.

Thank god the readers of The Sun know that the people who didn't pay for their tickets got a good show, anyway.

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