Saturday, September 13, 2008

H blocked

Atomic Kitten Natasha Hamilton's H club lost its appeal against the suspension of its licence. Hamilton will fight for her club, she insists. Although not by coming home:

Natasha’s manager, Martin O’Shea, said the singer – currently in New York – was devastated by the police allegations.

He said: “In the 10 months since H opened there has not been one single incident.

“It has done untold damage to the good name of Natasha Hamilton, who has devoted much time to supporting anti-gun and anti-knife campaigns in her home city.

“Natasha will do everything possible to change the police's opinions of the club.”

The "not one single incident" does, of course, require you to add the words "up until those two guys got stabbed there last weeked, fled before the cops arrived and then refused to answer any questions when the cops caught up with them" for yourself.

The Liverpool Echo claims that some of the regulars are on the police list which instructs officers to not approach them "without armed back-up".

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