Friday, September 26, 2008

Junior Senior Over

Junior Senior - yes you do, blocky cartoon video with the squirrel - have called a halt:

We have decided in much peace and prosperity to put Junior Senior to rest and focus 100% on making music on our own, as we have been doing for the last year, Jesper Jr. through I Scream Ice Cream -- and now The Little Sisters -- and Jeppe Sr. as Jeppe.

We know it would have been a much juicier story if we hated each other and we split over big egos or something. We even thought of making a fake youtube video of us getting into a fight at a late night party over whether we should call the next album "Jumping Jack Junior" or "Senior Says." But we don't promote violence, kids. Just peace and good vibes alright.

We have met so many amazing people around the world, experienced so many cool things, had so many crazy good times… so many we never even dared dream of. We are so happy we made you dance.

So it sounds like they split last year, but didn't realise.

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James said...

That's a shame. I always admired their determination to conquer the world of pop, undeterred by their uncanny resemblance to the outcome of a dubious chatroom encounter.

Was it that 'To Catch a Predator' show that finally did for them?

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