Friday, September 12, 2008

Maffia surprised by reality TV: apparently it's not real at all

It turns out that going on a reality TV programme on ITV2 doesn't, as legal experts had hoped, mean you lose your right to be treated as a rational adult. Indeed, despite her appearance on Celeb Air, Lisa Maffia is still being given access to the media to complain that, why, it's all edited together:

The singer insisted that footage which appeared to show her giving "dirty looks" to fellow contestant Mica Paris had been manipulated by the programme's editors.

Maffia also accused show chiefs of encouraging her to act "cold" towards the other participants when the cameras are rolling.

She complained: "I know that they will edit it to look dramatic. But I didn't think they would make me out to be a bitch when I'm not."

James P, who alerted us to this terrible lack of respect for veracity on the part of CelebAir, observes:
If only she'd seen that other reality show where they edited some people to look worse than others. What was it called again? Ah yes, all of them.

Maffia is also, we're given to understand, annoyed that CelebAir isn't a real airline at all and the chances of her working her way up to become a flight dispatcher are sorely limited.